Creating a Sense of Community with Hayley Quinn | Episode 8

Creating a Sense of Community with Hayley Quinn | Episode 8

Show Notes

Welcome back to the How to Build a Dating App Podcast, chronicling the journey of a group of Marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app.

This episode concludes our wonderful conversation with London-based dating expert Hayley Quinn. We chat about making the dating app user experience enjoyable, what platforms to integrate with, if opposites attract (and can they find each other on an app?), and what a successful dating app should look like.

Exciting points from this episode include:

01:06: Gaps in the Market

Almost anything could be a dating app if it’s marketed the right way, right? Hayley talks us though the current gaps in the dating app market and her views on niche dating apps – and what app model could be the best in future.

13:41: Do Opposites Attract?

What do people ultimately look for in a partner? Does a 7-foot accountant belong with the 5-foot rock-climber? Hayley discusses the most important characteristics people look for in a partner and how personalities can compliment each other.

23:01 Hayley’s Initial Clients

We ask Hayley to divulge her initial marketing plans as a dating coach, why people are drawn to learning more about dating, and how being a quick-draw when it comes to content creation helped her establish a foothold.

27:24: The Pattern Break

Hayley explains the ‘pattern break’ – the idea that people are more compatible than they think they are – and how this works in the real world. Can dating apps create more pattern breaks by not forcing users to follow a generic line of conversation?

How to Quote a Dating App:

  1. “Celebrating differences and finding ways to work together and compromise are really good roots for any relationship”
  2. [The stress of a new-born baby] “sounds like a business accelerator programme”

Fact Check:
Kate: (09:46) I read a stat the other day about how this year is gonna be the year that we actually have a massive majority of 55s and over on Facebook: The Guardian: There will be 6.4 million 55- to 65-year-old-plus regular Facebook users in 2018 (second largest demographic)

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Guest Speaker

Hayley Quinn

Dating Coach

Hayley Quinn is a London-based dating expert and coach, who has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women rethink their love lives. Her Tedx Talk has over 1 million views, her YouTube channel is about to hit 100,000 subscribers, and she has appeared on The Apprentice, Celebs Go Dating, 4Music and Sky News as a dating expert. She is a also brand ambassador and dating coach for Match.

Speaking about her experience on the podcast she said: "The dating industry isn’t all about heart-eyed emojis. It’s about strategy, marketing, and really identifying people’s needs in a shifting dating landscape. I’m really happy to have been able to connect with the HTBADA crew at this stage in their journey down the online dating rabbit hole"