Trailer: Secrets of a Dragon Slayer | Special Episodes

Trailer: Secrets of a Dragon Slayer | Special Episodes

Show Notes

Here is a teaser trailer for our THREE SPECIAL EPISODES! We’re back with dating app founder John Kershaw, talking about his pitch on BBC's Dragons’ Den, when he donned his armour, drew his sword, and went to battle against five of the UK’s most hard-headed, and hard-to-impress, multi-millionaire investors.

We explore behind the scenes of Dragons’ Den and talk prep (from shirts to pitches), filming day titbits, the stability of a Den deal and possible side effects of Den success. Plus, the lore behind Peter Jones’ bright socks, the fabled Dragons' Den potato and much more.

This is a stand-alone bonus trilogy so you do not need to have listened to our previous episodes to enjoy this one.

Catch up on Season 1 while you wait:

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You can watch John's pitch on M14 Industries' YouTube channel here:

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Guest Speaker

John Kershaw

App Creator

John Kershaw is the founder of dating app Bristlr, which connects those with beards, to those that want to stroke beards. He’s also the founder of M14 Industries, a social app creation platform that allows anyone in the world to have their own branded app. He appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2017 and achieved bid offers from all five dragons.

Speaking about his experience on the podcast he said: “Chatting with the hosts about the ins and outs of online dating was great fun. It’s really enjoyable to talk frankly about an industry which is often shrouded in mystery, especially with a team looking to jump right in! I’m excited to see where they go from here".