Definitely an Opportunity | Episode Zero

Definitely an Opportunity | Episode Zero

Show Notes

Introducing the How to Build a Dating App Podcast, chronicling the journey of a group of Marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app. 

In our introductory 'Episode Zero', hosts Kate, Michael and Richard delve into the good, the bad, and the ugly in today’s dating app landscape and online dating trends. And, importantly, where on earth to begin when creating a dating app.

We tear down the questions that plague developers and marketers when considering creating a dating app, and lay out the kind of things you can expect from our show.

Exciting points from this episode include:

01:37: Planning for Success

The best made plans are made for dating apps. We discuss our ideas and motivation behind creating a dating app – and accompanying podcast! – and what we’re aiming to research and create.

04:53: Longevity of Niche

Does ‘niche’ have legs? We discuss why people leave dating apps, what would keep them using an app even after they've met someone, what a successful user base looks like, and how to gain user trust for something that is completely new.

08:01 Design Ideas

Good design ultimately affects user trust and retention – so we discuss how you plan for good design, and how this design can encourage genuine conversation and get away from those cheesy one-liners.

12:30 Creating Conversation

App users can spend hours creating the perfect message and online persona. Can a dating app make this appear more genuine? And does one bad message sink your chances of landing a date?

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Note: Apologies for the creaking chair in the background at some points in this episode. Rest assured, we removed it for future episodes!

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