The Art of Letting Things Happen with Hayley Quinn | Episode 6

The Art of Letting Things Happen with Hayley Quinn | Episode 6

Show Notes

Welcome back to the How to Build a Dating App Podcast, chronicling the journey of a group of Marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app.

This episode continues our wonderful conversation with London-based dating expert Hayley Quinn.  We discuss giving off the right kind of signals in the era of #MeToo Movement, caution, analysing your communication, and if you’re sending the right type of message.

Exciting points from this episode include:

01:06: A Short History of the Dating Industry

Hayley goes back – way back – to dissect the changes and trends of the dating industry, from only ever living a few miles away from your future spouse, to the rise of DINK couples, shifting standards, and the economic necessity of finding a partner.

10:38 Balancing the Conversation

Do men want to be approached just as much as women do? Hayley delves into how men and women begin conversations with people they’re attracted to, and what works to create that perfect conversational environment (and what doesn’t)!

17:11: Online Dating vs Dating Apps

Hayley is a brand ambassador for, but does online dating still hold up against the Goliath mobile dating apps? We discuss the modern, its response to dating trends, and how the ‘online’ experience still offers value to users beyond a match.

29:14: Masculine and Feminine Energy

Can ‘energy’ change or affect the way that people communicate when dating? Hayley explains the meaning behind being more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, how this can positively impact dating communication, and the stumbling blocks that men and women share in dating.  

35:22 Different Selves

Hayley discusses the idea of different selves – versions of you that only appear in certain situations. What versions are you cultivating on dating apps, online social profiles, and in the real world? Which is best? What challenges do we face with these selves with dating?

How to Quote a Dating App:

  1. “I think probably people are quite tired of just swiping their way to something”
  2. “We would think nothing of getting real business coaching, personal training … the idea that you can get coaching around your love life isn't a bad thing”
  3. “We are not just one self, we are a committee of selves. We have different aspects of our personality that turn up depending on who we're with and what kind of social environment we're in”
  4. “I think {it's] unnatural to be totally unguarded and 100% your down to earth self when you're with someone that you just don't know all that well. I mean that can be really difficult, right?”
  5. “Most of the time guys do not have a plan. They're just literally going along with it and seeing what happens”

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Guest Speaker

Hayley Quinn

Dating Coach

Hayley Quinn is a London-based dating expert and coach, who has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women rethink their love lives. Her Tedx Talk has over 1 million views, her YouTube channel is about to hit 100,000 subscribers, and she has appeared on The Apprentice, Celebs Go Dating, 4Music and Sky News as a dating expert. She is a also brand ambassador and dating coach for Match.

Speaking about her experience on the podcast she said: "The dating industry isn’t all about heart-eyed emojis. It’s about strategy, marketing, and really identifying people’s needs in a shifting dating landscape. I’m really happy to have been able to connect with the HTBADA crew at this stage in their journey down the online dating rabbit hole"