Using Conversation Purposefully with Hayley Quinn | Episode 7

Using Conversation Purposefully with Hayley Quinn | Episode 7

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Welcome back to the How to Build a Dating App Podcast, chronicling the journey of a group of Marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app.

This episode continues our wonderful conversation with London-based dating expert Hayley Quinn. We discuss reasons why people might be using dating apps beyond dating (like escapism and entertainment), treating dating apps in the same way we treat social media platforms, online vs offline relationships, and corporate responsibility.

Exciting points from this episode include:

01:06: Dating Apps with a Purpose

Hayley talks us though modern requirements for dating apps as a reflection of society – but they’re not as binary as 'good vs evil' as you might think. We also discuss keeping users engaged beyond a match or date, and adding value to the dating app experience.

09:26 Talk, Don’t Read

Conversation is rated highly by dating app users above swiping photos and reading profiles. Hayley discusses maintaining that all-important initial conversation, how an app can help encourage this, and the limits of knowing someone online.

16:25: What Are Users Looking For?

Research shows a third of dating app users don’t actually end up going on a date with people they meet on apps. So why do people use dating apps? We talk with Hayley about taking the leap to meet your match, the difference in Baby Boomers and Gen Z users, and what would cause users to pursue dates in future.

23:42: Feel-Good Responsibility

Are apps – both social and dating – responsible for our (un)happiness? We ask Hayley about corporate responsibility and user mental health, and if limiting your app access time is a worthwhile idea.

32:13 Hayley’s App History

What dating apps does a relationship coach and dating expert need? Hayley goes into dating apps she’s used, if she’s a fan of them, alongside what her clients have said about their experiences too. We also discuss using dating apps for other purposes (like getting to know a city, and the people within it, having fun), beyond dating.

45:06 Algorithms for Success

Hayley provides her theories on what a successful dating app pairing could look like. Do those tiny details - like admiring a certain film - really draw you to person? How do you measure matchability? We also tackle the personal ‘brand’ that dating apps require you create for yourself and the best way to promote this.

Fact Check:
Michael: (06:37) Huggle survey: Dating apps are making people self-conscious

Laura: (16:25) Pew Research: 5 Facts About Online Dating

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Guest Speaker

Hayley Quinn

Dating Coach

Hayley Quinn is a London-based dating expert and coach, who has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women rethink their love lives. Her Tedx Talk has over 1 million views, her YouTube channel is about to hit 100,000 subscribers, and she has appeared on The Apprentice, Celebs Go Dating, 4Music and Sky News as a dating expert. She is a also brand ambassador and dating coach for Match.

Speaking about her experience on the podcast she said: "The dating industry isn’t all about heart-eyed emojis. It’s about strategy, marketing, and really identifying people’s needs in a shifting dating landscape. I’m really happy to have been able to connect with the HTBADA crew at this stage in their journey down the online dating rabbit hole"