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NeverWhatIf (NWI) are an established business development agency based in Witham, Essex, responsible for multiple ventures across various markets and sectors. Developing projects in-house from start to finish with highly skilled and experienced teams, NeverWhatIf combine traditional working methods with original ideas and new technology to open up a wealth of opportunities.

For more information about NeverWhatIf, visit www.neverwhatif.com

The Podcast

How did the podcast begin? During initial research into a potential dating app project, the NWI Marketing Team had an idea for an innovative way to gather specialist research and insight into the dating industry, as well as some potential promotion of any eventual dating product. The idea was a bold one: to start a marketing/tech podcast that chronicled the dating app project from conception right through to launch and beyond.

We had already discussed bringing in consultants to improve our knowledge on the dating app industry, so that then evolved into the idea of using a podcast as a platform to interview these experts; harnessing their specialist knowledge as well creating some fresh content to promote NWI. This led to the creation of the 'How To Build A Dating App' Podcast.

The podcast industry is growing by the day; with Spotify recently pledging to invest up to $500 million in 2019 on acquiring podcast companies (they've already snapped up 3 big hitters). There are some extremely popular marketing/business podcasts out there ('StartUp' being the most well-known) - so there is a definite interest in hearing about how start-ups are born. We are very pleased to be sharing our own story through this podcast, and hope that our listeners enjoy coming on the journey with us.

The Hosts

  • Michael Hurcum
  • Laura Golden
  • Richard Johnson
  • Kate Dalton

Michael Hurcum

Alongside hosting, Michael produces and edits the podcast. He joined NWI in 2017 as Marketing Manager.

First podcast:

The first podcast I listened to was in 2005, 'The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack', which recapped the TV show 'Lost'. I searched for Lost theories online (didn’t we all?) and discovered the podcast.

Favourite podcasts:

My favourite podcasts tend to be light, as they’re a great way to wind down. I’m listening to 5-10 different podcasts regularly, but these are my favourites:

'Tell ‘Em Steve–Dave'

Three guys hilariously chat about their week and record inside a comic book store. I’ve been listening to this for over 400 episodes – to say I’m invested is an understatement!

'The Weekly Planet'

Two Australians chat all things movies, TV shows and comic books (as well as general nonsense). This is a funny yet entertaining listen and provides a lot of my movie news.


This one is exactly as silly as it sounds: three Americans dissecting the spooky creations of writer R.L. Stine. This is a real nostalgia trip for me as the hosts take an entertaining look at how ridiculous (and genius!) some of Stine’s stories and characters are.

Laura Golden

As well as hosting, Laura is the researcher for the podcast. She joined NWI in early 2019 as Marketing Assistant.

First podcast:

I never really listened to podcasts before starting on this project, however since entering the world of podcasts I can safely say I am hooked! They are the best way to pass the time on a morning commute.

Favourite podcasts:

'My Favorite Murder.'

I love true crime, and find historic crimes and criminal psychology fascinating. This podcast blends horrible history with hilarious humour, in no small part due to the two hosts and their relaxed attitude towards a grisly subject. They look into a range of murders from 18th Century to modern day.

'Myths and Legends'

The hosts delve into the myths and legends we've all grown up with, like King Arthur and Aladdin. The twist is this podcast investigates these stories' lesser-known origins which have a much darker side. It\’s so interesting to learn how much these tales have been adapted over the years.

'David Tennant Does A Podcast With…'

I love listening to interview-style podcasts with actors and musicians (for something less intense!), and who doesn't love David Tennant?

Richard Johnson

Richard hosts and writes for the podcast. He joined the NWI team in 2018 as a Copywriter, and was new-ish to podcasts before being brought into the podcast team ("I was more of an audiobook guy", he says).

First podcast:

I remember when I discovered 'The Hot Copy Podcast', with two awesome hosts that share tips, tricks and techniques for better writing.

Favourite podcasts:

I love a good podcast, any time of the day. I’ll flit between marketing (for productivity), comedy (for a mental break), and the purely fascinating (for the next pub quiz).

'Copywriter Club Podcast'

This podcast is a fantastic insight into new methodologies and approaches to writing from a “private group of smarty-pants copywriters”.

'Car Talk'

This makes me laugh like an idiot. Two mechanics host a radio show diagnosing car problems. But it goes beyond that (think American Radio Top Gear), with a hilarious barrage of banter between guests and hosts.

'99% Invisible'

This is a goldmine of interesting information, focusing on design and joy in the mundane, like how the s-bend pipe revolutionised indoor plumbing, or how artists first came to illustrate dinosaurs (I mean, there were no photos! How did they know?).

Kate Dalton

Kate appears as a host on the first 8 episodes of the podcast. She worked at NWI from 2018-2019 as Group Marketing Manager.

First podcast:

I think the first podcast I ever listened to was the 'The Daily (The New York Times)'. I still love it, it provides a great dissection of current affairs.

Favourite podcasts:

'The Blindboy Podcast'

I never miss an episode of Blindboy. His podcast is not only hilarious, but is also a great mix of relevant topics, wildcard ideas and thought-provoking short stories.

'The Moth'

I am a long time fan of this show. The stories evoke a range of emotions which I love; sometimes cheerful and sometimes heartbreaking - but always entertaining.

'How I Built This with Guy Raz'

I love anything by NPR ('Hidden Brain' and 'This American Life' are also amazing), but 'How I Built This' is such an inspiring show and always makes me feel motivated.

Guest Hosts

Kaitlyn Bryant

Appearing as a guest host, Kaitlyn has worked for NWI since 2017, overseeing multiple projects.

First podcast:

I've only started listening to podcasts in the past year but have become obsessed with them. The first podcast I listened to was Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place'; the episode with Stephen Fry.

Favourite podcasts:

I mainly listen to podcasts on the commute and try and listen to at least one everyday. These are my top 3:

'Today in Focus'

I find this show really interesting as it explains current affairs, including some that are not widely reported. In most episodes they will also interview an expert too.

'TED Talks Daily'

This is my go-to if I want a quick podcast fix. Most of the episodes are short but cover topics that I might not have even thought about before, for example "Why we get mad".

'Rethinking Business'

Each episode focuses on a different business; interviewing different stakeholders and providing insight into their operations. Which is great for a business nerd like me!


MAY 2019 - Launch Press Release: "New Dating App Podcast Launches"

Marketing and tech development agency, the NeverWhatIf (NWI) Group, have launched a new podcast delving into the complex world of dating, whilst working on creating their own dating app.

Featuring the advice of special guests and dating industry experts, the 'How To Build A Dating App' Podcast promises to investigate the world of modern dating, what it takes to find someone in 2019, and the extraordinary nuances around dating apps. The podcast's hosts, who form the NWI marketing team, will assess the current dating landscape and online dating trends over the 10-episode first season of the show.

Michael Hurcum, NWI marketing manager and producer of the podcast, said: "When researching dating apps, we discovered so many frustrations with 21st century dating - as well as some major success stories. It seems that everyone either knows someone with an interesting dating app story, or has one of their own". He added: "So we talked to the experts – not only to educate ourselves on the dating world and what it takes to actually build an app, but to share our findings with the public, many of whom will no doubt relate to some of the issues discussed on the show and find them interesting".

The podcast's first guest is John Kershaw, founder of the dating app Bristlr and social app creation platform M14 Industries, who successfully pitched his business idea on Dragon's Den in 2017 and achieved bid offers from all five dragons. Speaking about his experience on the show he said: "Chatting with the hosts about the ins and outs of online dating was great fun. It's really enjoyable to talk frankly about an industry which is often shrouded in mystery, especially with a team looking to jump right in! I'm excited to see where they go from here".

Another podcast guest is Hayley Quinn, Match dating coach & 1 million view TED speaker who has also appeared on The Apprentice, Celebs Go Dating, 4Music and Sky News as a dating expert. She added: "The dating industry isn't all about heart-eyed emojis. It's about strategy, marketing, and really identifying what people's needs are in a shifting dating landscape. I'm really happy to have been able to connect with the HTBADA crew at this stage in their journey down the online dating rabbit hole".

Season 1 of 'How To Build A Dating App' is available for free on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Alexa. The team are currently working on plans for a second season. You can find out more at howtobuildadatingapp.com.

JULY 2019 - Dragon Slayer Press Release: "Podcast produces mini-series with Dragons' Den contestant"

Following the launch of their 'How to Build a Dating App' podcast in June, marketing and tech development agency the NeverWhatIf (NWI) Group have released a special mini-series interviewing a former Dragons’ Den contestant, titled ‘Secrets of a Dragon Slayer’.

When producing the first season of the ‘How To Build A Dating App’ Podcast - chronicling the journey of a group of marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app - the podcast team only scratched the surface of one of their guest’s appearances on the BBC show Dragons’ Den. John Kershaw, founder of the dating app Bristlr and social app creation platform M14 Industries, successfully pitched his business on Dragon’s Den in 2017 and achieved bid offers from all five dragons.

John’s appearance on the podcast was so well-received from both hosts and audiences that NWI commissioned an additional three episode series, with John returning to the studio to explore behind the scenes of Dragons’ Den and discuss how to deliver the perfect pitch, filming day titbits, the stability of a Den deal, and side effects of Den success.

Michael Hurcum, NWI Marketing Manager and podcast producer, said: “During the first season of the podcast we focused on investigating the current dating landscape and online dating trends, speaking to industry experts about their experiences creating and working with dating apps. That’s how we first spoke with John - he was our first ever guest, and whilst he gave us some fantastic insight and advice, we felt that we didn’t get to talk about his appearance on Dragons’ Den and how it impacted him and his company as much as we wanted to. So we’re really pleased to release these three 'Dragon Slayer' episodes to wrap up our first season of the show."

‘How To Build A Dating App’ has been downloaded in 35 countries since its launch, and is available for free on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn. You can find out more at howtobuildadatingapp.com.